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Course 88: Wollaston GC

Wollaston GC

Milton, MA

Played on August 10, 2022

Yardages: 5,474-6.889 yards

The golf course has a wide variety of holes that play on and over hills, over and among rocks, and around water.

Most people gravitate to talking about the par 5s, which are all kind of awkward holes that bend at odd angles. Most players have to play holes 5, 8, and 16 as three shot holes that take driver out of play for many.

I last played WGC in 2018, and the par 5s were actually harder to reach in two. Technology seems to be having an effect.

The par 3s all play rather long. Mid and long irons have to be accurate to score well on those four holes.

The 17th hole is a dramatic one-shotter to a wild green. Right misses, even on the fringe, can get swallowed up by the water on the right.

The 1st hole is a slice of what’s in store for players during the round. A blind, hard dogleg reveals a sloped green. Accuracy isn’t a priority, but choosing the right club off the tee and matching it with the line is vital on many of the par 4s at WCC. Balls can hang up on downslopes but can also tumble down and add 20-30 yards to a tee shot.

The stand out holes are the long 2nd, with a tee shot into a fairway with water on the right and woods on the left. The uphill approach forces players to choose the right club and putts are tough on the sloped green.

The seventh is a solid par 4. Players can play to the top of the hill or push their luck and have a wedge from the lower section of fairway.

The 11th is a cape hole with water playing along the right side. A tree guards the corner and can block second shots. I’m not sold on the tree, as players who need to navigate it already have a long iron over water to a skinny green.

The 15th might be the best hole on the course, a long par 4 that plays downhill. Another tough green that players need to hit with a mid-iron.

Overall, WCC is a good golf course that requires accuracy both off the tee and into greens. I think the par 3s and par 5s as a collection hold it back a bit. We played a couple par 3s from the forward tees, and it made the course better, in my mind. It was in great shape and the greens were rolling very true.

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