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Round 40: Granite Links (Quincy Nine)

Updated: Jan 26, 2023

Played the Quincy/Granite combo this morning Granite Links. It was too cold for a bunch of pictures this morning. I rarely play with two gloves, but had to today. FootJoy is missing out on a small audience for winter golf globes with smartphone finger tech... The Quincy nine hole loop at was the 40th course in my quest to play them all (I played Granite/Milton last summer). The Quincy member nine is made up of three par 3s, two par fives, and 4 par 4s. I think if I could pick one nine to play on a regular basis, Quincy would be the one I’d pick. We played it today in a vicious wind that would make a Scotsman question teeing it up. On the 410 yard uphill par 4 I hit driver, five iron, pitching wedge to the front of the green. It was insane. The second hole is a picturesque par 3 with a forced carry over a hazard to a big green that can make the hole quite long and difficult.

The first six holes overall are solid and challenging and you’ll hit all sort of clubs in your bags. The first and third holes are gettable par 5s that can also eat your lunch if you aren’t careful. The fifth hole is probably the best on the Quincy Nine. A semi-blind tee shot offers some leeway right, but a big bunker left will make par tough to find if you find it off the tee. The green is sloped and well protected by bunkers short and steep slopes both right and left.

My bone to pick with Quincy (and probably the Granite and Milton 9s too) is there always seem to be a few holes crammed in. The 7th and 8th at Quincy are shoehorned into the land. The seventh is a driveable par 4 if the player wants to take on the blind shot to a small green.

The eighth is a downhill, long par 3 that doesn’t do much to stick in the memory. Of the nines at Granite Links, this is one that feels the most playable, though. Tee shots can be found and there’s more space to play.

The extreme wind made it a challenge, for sure. However, if you know a member and can play 18 at Granite, go play the Quincy/Milton combo.


Date: April 2021

Playing Partners: Roberto, Evan, and Matt

Tees: Blues

Game: Best Ball Match

Score: 87

Birdie Count: 0 (46 total)

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