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Round 42: Cedar Hill Golf Course

Updated: Jan 26, 2023

Kicked my Monday off with my friend Pat at Cedar Hill GC in Stoughton. The nine holer is my 42nd course in my quest to play them all. The relatively flat land is not going to elicit any great emotions as you walk around Cedar Hill, even the name evoke a flatness. One hill, not hills... The fairways and rough might be mistaken for each other as you play and it’s certainly not a spot to bring some super talented group for two trips around the nine holes. However, what I did at least find a bit charming about this course was the accuracy required to hit any green from a distance. They were tiny and rather firm. While the course is very short (2187 yard par 34), if you leave the driver at home and play a half set it can be an entertaining enough round. The course recently added a par 5, lengthening the sixth hole to about 450 yards. This actually makes a big difference because the fifth, seventh, and eighth holes are par 3s. So it’s nice to have a par five mixed in. Golf courses like this, while not perfect by any means, are important to get people into the game. Balls are hard to lose, there’s no real hazards or forced carries, and it’s flat. Bring out a newbie or someone that hasn’t played in a while. It’s a safe spot to learn (or relearn) the ropes and at 22 bucks to walk, the price is right, too.


Date: May 2021

Playing Partners: Pat

Tees: Blacks

Game: None

Score: 40

Birdie Count: 0 (46 total)

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