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Course 103: Fresh Pond

Fresh Pond GC (public)

Cambridge, MA

Date Played: June 15, 2023

Yardages: 2,306 - 2931 yards (nine holes)

"Freshie" as some of the locals call it, is a nine holer that provides a nice challenge for golfers that want to keep their games sharp. During one spin around the course, it's likely you'll hit a variety of clubs in the bag and have opportunities to shape shots around corners and over water hazards.

The setting, while in the middle of Cambridge, is a perfect example of why cities need green space. Busy roads border some of the course while walking trails and Fresh Pond border other sections. We were even treated to a dog rummaging through some tall grass on the sixth tee box, as he discovered a rabbit who was out foraging for breakfast.

There is a solid mix of holes. The three par 3s are vastly different. The third is a downhill shot with Fresh Pond in the backdrop. It only requires a short iron. While the 6th hole is a long iron or hybrid across a flat piece of land that allows players to run something onto the green. The 8th is a mid to short iron over water to a deep green protected by bunkers.

I thought the mounding throughout the course gave the holes some texture and charm. The second hole, a lovely dogleg left that requires two accurate shots to hit the green, is framed on the left by stately trees and the right by a collection of mounds.

The tee shots, especially on the opening five holes, are particularly challenging. The first hole has water on the right, never great for folks heading from the car to the first tee. It's a wide landing area, but the water is certainly in play, and so is the out of bounds on the left.

The fourth hole requires some length off the tee and the ability to shape it right to left.

Then the 5th hole, oh the fifth hole. The tee shot is demanding on this par 5. It's very similar to the first hole, but squeezed by about 30 yards. The risk of hitting driver is the reward of having a shot at the green in two. Two long irons can set up a wedge shot for the third.

I wouldn’t tell people to drive far to play Freshie. But there is no excuse for a city golfer to not have a few spins around it.

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