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Course 106: Touisset CC

Touisset CC (Public-Nine Hole)

Swansea, Mass.

Date Played: July 19, 2023

Yardages: 2,725 - 3,024

Tier: Dive Bar

Rating: 1/5

I was warmly welcomed upon my arrival at TCC. Part of me thinks it's because I looked a touch out of place. It doesn't strike me as a place that has many "newbies" showing up on a summer afternoon.

After paying my $19 to walk 9 holes, I wandered out to the first tee.

TCC offered very little pizzazz. The course is set in three different segments. The opening three holes run up and down, all within eye-sight of the tired clubhouse.

Then holes 4 and 5 play through some heavy trees. Holes 6-8 play through a wide open field, and then the ninth brings the golfers back to the clubhouse with a tight tee shot and an approach to a wild green.

The defining feature at TCC, if there is one, is the massive greens.

Holes 6-8 would be a great loop to play a few times in the evening. There's nowhere to lose a ball, and you can whack driver on the par-4 6th and par-5 8th (Bonus: There is a graveyard just behind the 8th tee box).

The grass is all one length. The tee boxes are tired, and it's tough to find a flat stance.

I found myself pretty disillusioned as I tip-toed through the incredibly soggy second hole. As someone new to the course, I did appreciate that the holes, after the first, were defined and easy to follow. Sometimes unkempt courses can leave me wondering where the green or fairway might be.

This is another dive bar that serves cold beer but probably no food and the juke box is probably out of order. It’ll get the job done and it’s not a bad place to meet a friend, but if another bar is open around the corner, it might be a better option.

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