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Course 63: Bayberry Hills

Round 63 in my quest to play them all brought me to Bayberry Hills in Yarmouth, MA.⠀

Bayberry Hills has three nine hole course, I played the Red and White course. The Blue course will have to be tackled another day.⠀

Bayberry Hills feels very much like your typical Cape Cod course. Those pesky short pines (are they pines?) line many of the fairways, beckoning balls with their siren song every now and then. ⠀

I didn't feel a lot of golf course character at BH. The holes felt rather similar, with a plethora of sharp doglegs of similar lengths. The bunkering was some of the oddest I've ever seen, with nearly every one the identical shape. ⠀

The greens on the white course were probably the best part of the experience. They were large and full of slopes, bumps, and tiers. Chipping and pitching onto them was made challenging by the ridges that ran along their edges, ready to repel balls that landed on the way side. ⠀

The stand out hole for me was the fourth hole on the red course. A challenging par 4 with water down the right and a pond guarding the front of a green site that was shaped like a catchers’ mitt. The hole is long and requires two good shots. The second shot will likely be from a downhill lie, always tough when trying to fly it over water. ⠀

On the white course, the second hole (our 11th) was solid. A straight away 411 yard hole from the blue tees. The green had a very cool collection area short right that swallows up wipey long irons.

Overall, if you're going to the cape, Bayberry is going to give you the cape cod golf experience. Tree-lined holes, rolling hills, long walks from greens to tees, a few memorable holes/shots, and and a vacation/laid back vibe. The opportunity for 27 holes of golf is also a bonus (along with Bass River, which is just down the street). The practice facility is very good: grass range, massive putting green (a few bets have been placed here, I imagine...), and a separate chipping green. ⠀

The hot dog was also delicious.

If given the choice of Yarmouth Golf sites, I think Bass River would earn my return voyage over Bayberry Hills.

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