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Course 75: The Country Club (2022 US Open Routing)

The Country Club (Private)

Brookline, MA

Played on May 2, 2022

This was a special round.

This championship routing is a rocky , hilly beast that doesn’t provide much of relief.

We did not play from the US Open tees, but in all likelihood I had the same clubs into the greens due to the shorter length and my inability to hit the driver far.

The three holes that get slotted into the routing add some length, but I thought this post should just focus on the bunkers because I’ve reviewed the main course.

These bunkers are deep. They are big. And they will be penal. I found myself in a few of them during my round, and none of them were fun. They don’t come into play off the tee all that much, but they will play a role for players coming into greens or trying to play it safe after a wayward drive. I’ll be interested to see what they do with the grass around the edges of the bunkers. Some long native grass would be fun.

Here’s to some dry weather to give us a firm US Open at The Country Club.

I have one more course on the TCC grounds to check off: The Primrose.

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