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Course 85: Lexington CC

Lexington CC (Private)

Lexington, MA

Played on July 30, 2022

Yardages: 5,332-6,082

Lexington GC is a quiet, unassuming nine hole course. The date on the logo is 1895, and over those 127 years the routing has undergone plenty of changes. Greens have been moved. Par 3s have been changed to par 4s and visa versa.

The calling card for the course is the plethora of blind shots. There are six blind tee shots. Hole 3 is the only par 4/5 where players can see the flag from the tee. This is due to a ridge that runs directly across the property. The par 3s don’t traverse this ridge. The routing runs back and forth, which makes the course feel a touch monotonous. Tee shots careen off the ridge, allowing players to gain yardage or end up underneath trees depending on the land angle. I have harped about trees often, I know. This is another place that would benefit from fewer trees. Not so much because they blocked shots from advantageous spots, but because they were so close to the fairways.

I did appreciate the varied tee boxes for players adding a second nine. Most notably, the 3rd adds 50 yards as the 12th and the 4th becomes a par 5 as the 13th hole.

The 12th hole was my favorite on the course. A long par 4 with a tough green to hit with a long iron. Once a player misses left, they’ll realize the ample space right of the green.

The fourth green was the most striking. A massive false front protects front hole locations.

The course was in very good condition. The greens were a bit slow, but they’ve had a lot of events recently.

The morning buzz around the first tee and clubhouse was invigorating on a Saturday.

The club is razing their clubhouse and rebuilding it.

As we sat out on the patio after our two trips around LGC, I found myself wanting to go around again. Why? It’s a scorable course that will leave you counting shots you wish you had back. It feels like the land at LGC could be utilizing a little better, as seven of the holes run up and down. It is a lovely setting and provides some opportunities for low scoring and some engaging shots.

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