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Course 98: TPC Boston

TPC Boston (private)

Norton, Mass.

Date Played: May 10, 2023

Yardages: 5,201 - 7,261

I wasn't entirely sure what to expect from TPC Boston. I had walked the course when it hosted PGA Tour event and people who had played it were kind of split on their opinions.

Overall, the course is not all that penal. Plenty of space off the tees. The greens are medium size with some various slopes and hollows running through them. The bunkering offered some visual intimidation and some strategic thought.

The front 9 could be placed anywhere in the country. I never felt like I was in Massachusetts. The tee shots were rather flat. 5,6,7 are the only holes that play just a little bit uphill or downhill.

Holes 4 and 6 were probably my favorites.

4 is a drivable par 4 with a small, long skinny green well guarded by bunkers.

6 is a straightaway par 4, but I love the slight downhill second shot to a catcher's mitt type green. The water on the left is just close enough to the green to mess with players’ thought process.

The back is where the course shines. Rock outcroppings, elevation changes, and mounding feel more like Massachusetts golf.

12 is a lovely par 5. The second shot plays downhill and over a dip in the land dotted with rocks. The green sits in the ground, allowing players to chase balls onto the green.

17 is a charming dogleg left. Players can bomb a driver left and get into the lower fairway or play out to the right. The second shot is unlike any shot on the course. It's down into a small cove, the green is long and narrow, but from the fairway it appears to be round and small.

I thought the par 3s were strong. I hit four different clubs, and the wind played a factor in club choice. Those tee boxes stirred up the most discussion about strategy.

After playing through housing developments a few times this spring, the peaceful property at TPC Boston was a welcome respite.

I wish the course had a bit more character. The 18 holes are varied, but I'm not so sure over multiple playings new features would reveal themselves. If you get an invite, take it. Just know it's not the kind of spot that will overwhelm you just because it was a PGA Tour venue.

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