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Course 10: Boston Golf Club

Updated: Jan 26, 2023

Had a splendid day Boston Golf Club on Saturday. The place is photogenic, immaculate, and difficult. It is the tenth course in my quest to play every course in the state. Every hole feels like a special event, a work of art even. The bunkers, the contours, the routing are stunning and intimidating. BGC is certainly a second and third shot course. The tee shots are rather friendly, you can't spray it all over the place, but even with the tree lined holes and bunkering there's space for plenty of different tee shots. The challenge isn't just finding the green with your second shot, it's finding a spot that doesn't leave you with a tough putt (even some ten footers here will leave you hoping for an easy second putt). Holes 5, 6, and 7 is a splendid stretch. A short par 4 with a treacherous green, a delightful par 3, and a longish par 4 with a generous driving area and a solid green that provides a fair challenge. The front 9 ends with an excellent downhill tee shot, highlighting how much you've climbed from the first tee to the ninth tee. Cant leave out the par 4 third, which has a Redan green. The back 9 highlights are plentiful, too. The 11th is a challenging par 3. They had the tee forward at about 125 yards (usually a 185 yard hole). The pin was in an accessible spot, so it was fun firing at an area 35 feet left of the pin to watch the ball collect back towards the hole. The 12th green is a travesty. It's not a fair fight trying to hit the green, balls can land 20-25 feet onto the green and roll off leaving a 20 yard wedge shot. Holes 13-18 are fabulous (some might gripe about 18 as a par 3, but I don't...). The course is really built with match play in mind. Two par 5s (15th and 17th) and a short par 4 (16th) make up three of the final four holes. They ask some really great questions off the tee and the par fives are reachable (17 more so than 15). BGC is an absolute treat to play. Shoutout to Brad or getting us out for the day!


Date: July 25, 2020

Tee TIme: Noon

Playing Partner: Dean, Brad, and Pat

Tees: Member Stake (6350)

Game: No Game.

Score: 83

Birdie Count: 2 (13 total)

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