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Round 17: Brookline Golf Course

Updated: Jan 26, 2023

Brookline Golf Club aka Putterham aka Robert T. Lynch. A course of many names with some cool history and a rather well-known neighbor (who is hosting the 2022 US Open.) As a golf course, Putterham has some charm and interest, but it also has some rather drab spots that don’t hold up. The 4th hole is a short par 4 with a cool little approach shot over some stacked bunkers (and the Brookline DPW behind the green). The 7th hole’s turtle back green is also a cool, unnerving feature. It seems so out of place, a mound in the middle of the property rising above the flats. The back is the better 9, to be sure. 11, 12, and 13 are very good. 11 is a short par 4 with a well bunkered, elevated green. 12 is a cute little par 3 downhill. Just a little wedge shot, but a couple nasty bunkers short right. 13 is a tough driving hole (double cross hazard!) with another elevated green with two tiers. The 14th, tucked away on the edge of the property is a dumb driving hole, but the second shot is picturesque. The course is potentially going to be used as a welcome center for the US Open. Hopefully, if it is used (and certainly wrecked), they’ll have the money to improve the course and make it worthy of Francis Ouimet’s statue out front and Designers Stiles and Van Kleek (Taconic). It was also refreshing to see families and kids out playing a twilight round of golf.


Date: August 31

Tee TIme: 2:48pm

Playing Partner: Matt and Justin (2nd-15th) and two stoners (18th)

Tees: Blue Tees (6100 yards)

Game: No Game

Score: 73

Birdie Count: 3 (24 total)

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