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Round 32: Norwood Country Club

Updated: Jan 26, 2023

Norwood CC was my 32nd new course in my quest to play them all. Any golf on a Friday in November is good golf, even at this spot just off scenic Route 1 and tucked between a Hampton Inn, Mick Morgan’s, U-Haul, and The Chateau. This place is more about the experience than the course. The starter yelling across the expansive parking lot for “Fritzy” to hurry up and get to the first tee. Or the tiny planes buzzing over the back nine landing at the Norwood Memorial Airport. Or significant power lines separating the 2nd and 11th holes. Or the regulars grumbling at us for waiting too long on the tee while the group in front is 200 yards away in the fairway on a par five. The course is inconceivably flat. Not an ounce of elevation change across the 18 holes. This would be a fine place to play with some buddies or a beginner. Playing. A 4hour 30 minute round, however, was not really all that fun. I witnessed four people walk off the course, one in our group, who left after 16 because we couldn’t tee off at 10:50 and be off the course by 3:00. Insane. The bright spot was the group I played in. Brian, Mike, and Jake were all solo as well. We all got along and had things to discuss throughout the round. If I HAD to pick two holes I liked, I’d probably pick 15 and 16. 15 is a short par 3. Water short right. 16 is a solid par 4 with a rather treacherous green. That leads me to the most pleasant surprise at NCC. The greens were really good! Smooth and rolled true. Compared to the rest of the course, they were exquisite. I wouldn’t recommend playing here if you’re lookin for anything more than a flat, uninspired walk. However, you might come home with some stories and some birdies.


Date: November 14, 2020

Playing Partners: Brian, Mike, and Jake

Tees: Tips

Game: None

Score: 78

Birdie Count: 3 (40 total)

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