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Round 33: Southers Marsh Golf Club

Updated: Jan 26, 2023

Enjoyed a lovely fall Saturday Southers Marsh in Plymouth. It was the 33rd new course in my quest to play every course in the state. The course is just a blast. A par 61 with 11 par 3s and seven par fours that forces golfers to play over, through, and around a cranberry bog. The red color adds to the visual esthetic of the place and also offers a strange extra mental hurdle because it does come into play quite a bit and looks different than hazards at other courses. The front nine sends you into the trees, making it challenging to gauge the wind and choose the right club. The par 4 fourth is a great dog leg with a tee shot that lines you up to aim at the bog and not go too long. Then your second shot goes over the same bog. The 8th and 9th holes are really fun. The 8th is a charming short par four, and the first time around the course leaves a cool reveal as you turn the corner and realize the green is right there! The ninth is a visual conundrum, our entire group ended up left of the green. The tee shot is out in the open, and the green is tucked among pine trees and shadows. The best 3 three on the front. The back 9 sends you out among the bogs and up to the highest point of the course, too. Beautiful views. The 13th climbs up a ridge and then 14 brings you back down to the flats. The course finishes up with a bunch of wind whipped holes over the harvested cranberries. 16, 17, and 18 is a great closing stretch. 18’s clubhouse setting is great. As guys from the Boston Golf and Social hung out and watched groups finish up. The course is family owned and it’s an inspiring example of golf and usable land coexisting. Not an ounce of space is wasted. It’s fun, low-key, and a perfect place to gather golfers for a group outing. Also a perfect emergency 18 option after playing one of the many other courses in the area. Do not miss this place. It’s dynamite.


Date: November 2020

Playing Partners: Dave and Justin

Tees: Tips

Game: Quota

Score: 68 (par 61)

Birdie Count: 1 (41 total)

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