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Round 35: North Hill Country Club

Updated: Jan 26, 2023

Sneaking in nine holes on December 13 in 60 degree weather is a gift. I played North Hills CC in Duxbury to tally my 35th new course since June. The view down the first hole provides a sense of what makes up this nine hole course. The group in front of us walked down the fairway and disappeared into a big swale where most tee shots end up. The up and down nature continues throughout the entire course. The humps and bumps and slopes and swales make the course visually interesting without being gimmicky or tricked-out. The course is also forgiving, always leaving wide spaces off the tee and on your approach for safety.

The greens are challenging, protected by big bunkers, usually framing the left and right side of the green. The third green in particular stood out. A big green at the end of a long par four. The second shot is uphill to a back to front sloping green. Not a green I'd want to see in July. The first three holes are no joke. Long and challenging, going up and down some big hills. The fourth and fifth holes provide a glimpse into the tight space they had to build the course. The tee box on the fourth is in striking distance of any tee shot on the temping 290 yard par four. North Hills had a great feel to it. A course owned by the town, the starter was rocking a Patriots sweatshirt, and the accents were exceptional. As I walked past the first tee toward the parking lot, four high school kids were just teeing off. One of the guys tossed four balls up into the air to make teams. It wasn't something I typically see, and I'd be delighted if it was the last thing I see on a course in 2020.


Date: December 2020

Playing Partners: Mike, Dan, and Bill

Tees: Back

Game: None

Score: 40

Birdie Count: 0 (42 total)

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