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Round 37: Weathervane Golf Club

Updated: Jan 26, 2023

Played Weathervane Golf Course on a warm March evening this week. It’s my 38th course in my quest to play them all. Weathervane is a nine holer that weaves through a housing development and has some good holes and some odd holes. The odd holes were a product of the tee boxes we played. The black tees here are some of the strangest I’ve seen (we were asked by the guy in the pro shop if we were single digits as we stood on the first tee). The tees were made strictly with length in mind and nothing else. The opening tee shot is through a narrow set of trees and basically over a pathway and the starter podium. The seventh hole might be the worst tee shot in the state. I’d imagine the house on the right has bulletproof glass? I regret playing from that seventh tee box, we should have just moved down to the blues. There are some long walks between holes, especially from 2 to 3 and from 3 to 4. Internal OB lines the right side of the sixth hole so players can’t hit their tee shot up the par 5 fifth. However, there were a few holes that I thought were rather good. The third hole, a short par 4, has some cool bunkering off the tee and the huge green site is interesting. It has two tiers and is rather wide. The par 3 fourth is another good hole, it plays a bit up hill and requires a good mid-iron shot. This is another big green, the pin was in the front for us, but a back pin would have added a club and a half to the yardage. For the hate I showed the seventh, if it was played from a normal tee box, it’s a well designed dogleg par 4 that rolls with the land. If I lived close to Weathervane, it’s a spot I’d have in my rotation. The vibe seems good. They have a great patio and new clubhouse. They have six sets of tees, so you could find whatever variety you want out of 9 or 18 holes. They even have a tee box on each hole to have a par 3 course. I’ll be down in the South Shore again, and this might be a revisit as an emergency nine holes some summer evening.


Date: March 2021

Playing Partners: George and Curtis

Tees: Blacks

Game: None

Score: 40

Birdie Count: 0 (43 total)

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