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Course 4: Ponkapoag No. 2

Updated: Jan 26, 2023

Went out to play Ponkapoag Course 2 on Thursday in the scorching weather. In this quest to play every course, I’m going to have to play every course. The great, good, bad, and ugly. The course opened for the 2020 season on June 25. It was obviously ignored completely. The greens were shaggy or burnt out, the tee boxes were overgrown, and there was not much fairway to be found (that's not a judgement on my driving accuracy...).⠀ However, I did see bright spots. The green complexes and approaches into the greens were interesting. A lot of Donald Ross features with slopes from back to front and the infinity type visual like the green just falls off at the back. I was in spots that would have been tough if the greens were any bit fast. ⠀ Another thing I liked about the course were the reveals. A lot of blind tee shots turned the walk to my drive into a little treat as I turned a corner to see a drop off with the green tucked around a corner. ⠀ I'd be interested to return to Ponky Course 2 without any woods in the bag and try to get around. The course has a bunch of trees in spots that attempt to add length, but don't quite do the trick. ⠀ You can hit driver a bunch, but if you just brought your set of irons, it could be fun challenge.⠀ Best part was getting around in 3 hours.


Date: July 10, 2020

Tee TIme: 7:48AM

Playing Partner: Eliot

Tees: Gold Tee (6,900 yards)

Game: Nassau ($15 total)

Score: 80

Birdie Count: 2(8 total)

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