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Round 43: Sagamore Springs Golf Club

Updated: Jan 26, 2023

Made my way to Sagamore Springs today for my 43rd course in my quest to play them all. Sagamore is a short par 70 clocking in at just under 5900 yards. It has six par 3s, and as a set they are pretty good and different enough. The course sits on some good land, there just isn’t enough of it on either side of the road that splits the nines. The 3 of the last four holes on the front are short holes. And 3 of the last 5 on the back are short ones. There is also internal OB on holes 12 and 13. The holes are just crammed a bit too tightly together. The best stretch of golf is the holes 3-5. The third is a short par 5, but if you played the par three holes as par 4s, it’s a nice test. The fourth is funky and I always play it poorly, but I respect it. The fence down the left makes the tee shot tricky. There are a handful of blind second shots especially in the middle of the round. They’re not crazy, but you’re guessing on the landing spot on the green due to some humps and greens sitting in the ground. If you’re looking to shoot a low round, play Sagamore a few times. With some course knowledge and the length of the par 5s, it’s a spot to shoot a number. It’s also a great spot to bring someone new to the game. The course was in okay shape and I though the greens had some interest. The 8th green is kind of a mess with too much slope back to front. Otherwise, they’re pretty solid. We walked for 57 bucks, which felt a tad steep. But it’s Friday.


Date: May 2021

Playing Partners: Matt, Dave, and Louie

Tees: Blacks

Game: None

Score: 80

Birdie Count: 1 (47 total)

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