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Round 44: Trull Brook Golf Course

Updated: Jan 26, 2023

Played Trull Brook this weekend as my 44th course in my quest to play every course in Massachusetts. Trull Brook is a spot I’d recommend to anyone. There are some excellent holes and the greens are very challenging with a lot of tilt and a whole lot square footage. Better bring your lag putting game and distance control with the irons, because long is often dead. The down side to the design are a few L shaped doglegs. The first hole requires an opening 150-160 yard shot to set up another 150-160 yard approach. The fifth and seventeenth are the two others that have that same design. I’ll take one, but three is a tad too many. The stretch of 10-15 is a rollicking good time, making the back the superior side to the front. Holes 10-15 traverse some serious land that forces players to hit shots directly up and down slopes but also along the side of a steep slope, particularly on the twelfth hole. This set of holes also pulls you out toward the Merrimack River before heading back to the clubhouse for holes 16-18. The Merrimack River sits along the edge of the property and adds some challenge due to the wind that seems to kick up on those holes. But there’s not real threat of ever hitting your ball into the river. It adds a bit of a pleasing aesthetic. Finally, the ninth and eighteenth holes could be flipped. The ninth green is near the clubhouse while 18 is about 160 yards from the clubhouse. They run adjacent to each other, but closing with the longer, more challenging hole that has a settling near the clubhouse would be great. Overall, I really enjoyed the course and I’d tell anyone to go check out Trull Brook if you enjoy good terrain and enjoyable greens.


Date: May 2021

Playing Partners: Pat, Dave, and Sean

Tees: Blacks

Game: None

Score: 78

Birdie Count: 2 (49 total)

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