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Round 45: Reedy Meadow Golf Course

Updated: Jan 26, 2023

This past weekend I played my 45th new course in my quest to play them all. The plan was to play King Rail, but the fool making the tee time (me...) made a mistake and booked Reedy Meadow down the street. Reedy Meadow is a low, flat golf course that is rough around, and inside, the edges. Astroturf tees are on most holes. It’s not the kind of fake grass that holds tees either, so you might be searching for a rocky spot to stick a tee. It’s not ideal. This is not the type of course that you visit with any pretenses. It’s a short nine-holer with holes that run back and forth. You can almost see the entire course standing on the first tee. The best holes are five and six. Five is a short par 5 with a wide open driving area as the fourth and seventh holes line each side of the hole, but the green is kind of tucked away and the second and third shots are somewhat interesting. The sixth hole is a cute little par 3 that measures about 165 yards. The green sits out in the marsh land. It’s a two tiered green that pretty tough to hit. There is a place for golf courses like this. Simple, cheap, low key. It’s a dive bar with sticky floors, loud music, bad mixed drinks, and worse food. But if you’re looking to hang out with friends, have a few domestics, and pop a few bucks in the juke box, this is a fine option. If you’re looking for more, this might not be your joint.


Date: May 2021

Playing Partners: Pete, Matt,

Tees: Blues

Game: None

Birdie Count: 0 (49 total)

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