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Round 47: Wachusett Country Club

Updated: Jan 26, 2023

Wachusett was my 47th course in my quest to play them all this weekend. This lovely public course was designed by Donald Ross in 1927. The course is on three distinct pieces of land. The first three holes form a triangle, sending you out and back toward the clubhouse. The second hole is probably the best of the triad. A dogleg par 5 that is reachable with a good drive. But the layup is made difficult with a pond at the corner of the dogleg that players might have to hit over from a downhill, sidehill lie. Holes 8,9,10,17, 18 are also on this same part of the property. Those five holes run parallel to each other along the top of the hill that the course sits on. The wind defends these holes and 8 and 9 are the standouts, both challenging par 4s. Holes 4-7 are on the other side of the road. 4 is a “blah” par 3 that used to be a par 4. The 5th is a dropdown par 5 with a creek about 50 yards short of the two-level green. The mid-iron par 3 sixth and par 4 seventh send you back up the hill that hole 5 descends. The third distinct piece of land are holes 11-16. It's very tight, with holes tucked next to each other, separated by rows of trees. In my mind, it's the best set of holes on the course. 11 and 12 are outstanding par 4s, with 12 being my favorite on the course. And 16 is a delightful uphill par four with a tiny green. This section feels quaint back in these woods, winding up and down hills and hollows. The round falls a tad flat on 17 and 18 as both holes play dead straight back to the clubhouse after you emerge from the wonderful 11-16 stretch. 18 is mid-iron par 3, which takes the steam out of the round. Personally, I'd love to play the opening three holes as the final three. The third hole finishes at the clubhouse with the green next to the outdoor balcony. A perfect setting, and it's a par 4. Overall, Wachusett left me wanting to come back and play again. We walked for 40 bucks on a Saturday afternoon. Well worth the price.


Date: June 2021

Playing Partners: Mike and Dan

Tees: Blacks

Game: None

Birdie Count: 0 (50 total)

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