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Round 49: Captains Golf Course (Starboard)

Updated: Jan 26, 2023

The Starboard course at Captain’s Course was my 49th new course. Playing two courses in a day is always a challenge, but I loved seeing two courses on the same property and doing a bit of comparing. However, I'm going to avoid comparing the two and just focus on Starboard.⠀ The Starboard course had a nice variety of holes, with plenty of options off the tee. I hit some long irons, hybrids, and drivers. It's an attackable course, but golfers can also plot their way around safely. ⠀ The par 3s were very solid at Starboard. The second hole was a charming downhill short iron shot to a big green with four big bunkers. The par 3 fifth hole was the only "ohh" moment of the entire day. The hole requires a mid iron shot to a long, skinny green protected by bunkers and a penalty area in the front. The green rests at the base of a hill, so long isn't an ideal miss either. A really nice looking, tough par 3. ⠀ The seventeenth is the other par 3 that sticks in my mind. A bunker protects the front of this massive green. From the tee, the green doesn't look as big because the front bunker hides the player's view of the green. ⠀ Some other standout holes were the par 4 fourth, a long two shot hole that requires driver to reach a hill in order to see the green on the second shot. The par 4 ninth is a great way to finish the front side. Another well designed bunker sits in front of the green, making it look far smaller than it actually is. The pin was tucked right behind the bunker, making it rather difficult to get a shot close.⠀ The back was an excellent way to end our day of golf. The bunkering on this particular nine really stood out (A lot of Brian Silva vibes... ). The tenth is a tough, L-shaped par 4 with an approach shot to a raised, large three tiered green. The 16th is an exceptional par 4. Three bunkers line the left side of the fairway and the green sits back in the trees. It was one of my favorite holes on the course. A great challenge.⠀


Date: June 2021

Playing Partners: Hank, Victor, and Jack

Tees: Whites

Game: Stableford

Birdie Count: 2 (53 total)

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