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Round 53: Widow's Walk

Widow's Walk was my 53rd course in my quest to play them all. It was a foggy, rainy day; not the ideal way to play a tight, target-oriented golf course. ⠀

Widow's Walk is built in an environmentally protected area, something they proudly outline on their website. Usually, courses that weave and wind around trees and heavy grasses don't have a lot of design flexibility. Wayward shots that might find grass on most courses disappear quickly around WW. ⠀

We started on the back nine, which was the inferior nine holes in my opinion. ⠀

The 16th hole was probably my favorite. Our foursome played this cape style hole a few different ways. Driver is an option to get up near the green, but a massive tree needs to be negotiated if the player wants a possible eagle putt or short chip onto the green. A long iron off the tee will leave a wedge into the smallish green. ⠀

The front nine is a tad more manageable. I particularly liked the first hole tee shot along with the 4th and 8th holes. The 4th is a straight away par 4. But the bunkering on the hole was great. A big fairway bunker on the right catches wayward tee balls and a small pot bunker short right of the green is awfully devilish. ⠀

The 8th's tee shot is rather dramatic: over water and downhill. A long iron will leave a little wedge into a green set in a mini-amphitheater. ⠀

Widow's Walk might be one of the hardest courses in the state. A 141 slope from the whites will give you all you can handle. You'll hit nearly every club in the bag (and might even throw some of them, too). However, for the challenge it presents, it isn't an enjoyable experience that leaves you wanting to return.⠀

I wouldn't say "no" to a second chance at playing WW in better weather. Although, I could imagine thinking, "Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me” as I leave the course after a second try.

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