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Round 56: DW Field

Round 56 was at @dwfieldgolf in Brockton, MA.

A wonderful muni that sits on a rather flat piece of land. The par 70 course tips out at 6000 yards, but the real story here are the greens. First, they were in excellent shape. And second, their design was outstanding. Subtle breaks, big slopes, false fronts. Nearly each and every green made it possible to trundle the ball up through an opening. Giving every player a chance.

The greens that stood out were the fourth, ninth, and thirteenth. But each and every green had character and charm.

Tee shots aren’t super challenging, but our foursome often had guys hitting everything from driver to five iron on some holes. That’s the sign of a good short course.

The routing is tight and a bit odd in spots. Tees are set next to greens, but it’s not always the next tee. Pay attention or you could find yourself time traveling ahead 8 holes.

For 40 bucks to walk (and 35 minutes from Boston), this place right now is a steal given the conditions. It’s green, getting dry, and the greens rolled pure at the speed I would imagine Stiles and Van Cleek wanted.

Go see DW Field. Highly recommend.

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