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Round 57: George Wright

George Wright Golf Course was my 57th new course.

Looking back on these pictures made me realize the dramatic land this course is set on. Rolling hills, blind shots, bowls, raised greens, and speed slots are everywhere at GW.

Once you’re on the third tee, the course doesn’t really let up. A lot of people talk about the challenging 9th and 10th holes. Both long par 4s that require accuracy and trust. The 9th tee shot is blind and the 10th approach is blind to a green resting at the bottom of a huge slope.

This is the type of course you want to play with a person who knows their way around. With proper lines to play off the tee, GW is just a blast. I could see it being really frustrating without a trusted guide. Accuracy off the tee is important and as I go through the course it has many memorable shots, but not a ton of complete holes. The par 3s are great, 17 especially, but they are all roughly the same distance.

Some of the best shots to hit on the course are the tee shot on 4 (par 3), the second shot into 7, the approach into 9, the approach into 11, the approach into the massive uphill 16th (shades of Wachusett’s 16th), and the tee shot on 17 (par 3) with the 16th green just steps away.

GW is a big, brawny golf course (as the first picture looking back down 12 highlights). Visually, it could be more intimidating with some more tree removal.

GW provides a ton of challenge and punishes poor shots. It’s a bit ragged on the back nine. The low land just makes it tough to drain.

They have done some beautiful work on tee boxes, and a few holes have shaved areas connecting greens to tees. A lovely visual and playable feature. The greens were also in super shape.

I wandered GW with the same feeling I had at Franklin Park last summer: shame. It shouldn’t have taken this long for me to play GW. It’s an excellent course, not for a public course, but for any course.

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