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Round 58: Myopia Hunt Club

Myopia Hunt Club was my 58th new course in my quest to play them all. I have been fortunate to play here in the past, but this was the first time since my quest began.

Myopia is exceptional.⠀

Its rolling terrain and sweeping views make the land and course dramatic from any vantage point on the property. Nearly every hole has at least one blind shot, sometimes off the tee, sometimes into the green, sometimes both. You're going to get good and bad bounces out at Myopia, rolling with the punches is part of the challenge of playing here. ⠀

Myopia does something that not a lot of courses can do: it is consistently hard from hole to hole, but leaves you wanting to go back and try the shot again or try a hole again or just play the whole course the next day. It slowly reveals itself. The nuances of holes like 14, which many might slot in the bottom of their ranking of holes on the course, begin to shine through after seeing it a few times. Its sneaky hard tee shot with well placed bunkers and the green's gentle slope can eat you up if you let your guard down, which is easy to do after playing the daunting 12th and 13th holes. ⠀

The shots and putts that might feel nearly impossible the first time around the course become more manageable (or more avoidable) the next time around. But avoiding one spot on the course will lead you to another challenge somewhere else on a hole. It's a wonderful, and unique rhythm to experiencing a golf course. ⠀

The greens and bunkering are exquisite, beautiful, and punishing. This particular round the greens were a tad slower than usual (rain!), but the fescue was more fierce than I have ever seen. Hip high in spots, it gobbled up our golf balls.⠀

The opening three holes take par and shoot it right into the moon. A short par 4, a short par 5, and then a long par 3 third hole that is only 20 yards shorter than the opening par 4.⠀

There are only three par 3s and three par 5s at Myopia, but the 12 par 4s are all deliciously varied. Accuracy is valued over length. Keep the ball in play and bring your touch around the greens. ⠀

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