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Round 70: Vesper CC

Updated: Jan 27, 2022

Simply stated, Vesper is outstanding and rather photogenic. It's a course I played long before my quest, and my memory didn't serve me well because it's so much better than I remember. ⠀

The course's main defense is the greens. They have a ton of slopes, false fronts, and collection areas. Players are forced to hit up to greens, down to greens, and manage blind shots, too. ⠀

Visually, many pins look like they're in one place on the green until you arrive at the green and realize what you thought was a back pin is actually in the front and visa versa. ⠀

The routing of the course is also really interesting. Holes 1-4 and then 14-18 are on a small island in the Merrimack River. From any vantage point, a player can see most of the other holes on the island. Then the other nine holes are across Pawtucket Blvd. You also cross Island Rd. to play holes 9-11. ⠀

The standout par 4s were 2, 13, 15, and 16. ⠀

The par 5 fifth hole is a fabulous par 5, it's on the shorter side with a high school running down the right side of the hole. But the second shot up to a plateau fairway that blends into the front of the green is splendid. ⠀

The par 4 thirteenth plays alongside the fifth hole, bringing you back down the hill. The well-protected green on 13 is beautiful, even with a busy road running behind it. ⠀

The stretch of 13-17 is strong overall. 14 and 17 are stout par 3s. And 15 and 16 are challenging par 4s. ⠀

During a round at Vesper, you'll have opportunities to score and attack holes with short irons and wedges. Players can also play safe off the tees and then worry about score once they get close to the greens. ⠀

The par 3s are where you'll pull long irons. I hit PW and then hit 4-iron, 5-iron, and hybrid on the last three. ⠀

Vesper is great mix of holes and design features and is certainly one of my favorite courses I've played in 2021.

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